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                            Non-metallic expansion joint
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                            Silicone-coated glass fiber cloth (silica cloth) is a high-performance, multi-purpose composite material that is made of high-temperature, corrosion-resistant, high-strength glass fiber cloth, which is calendered or impregnated with silicone rubber.

                            Main features of silicone cloth

                            ● It is used between low temperature -70 °C and high temperature 280 °C, and has good insulation performance.

                            ● It is resistant to ozone, oxygen, light and weathering. It has excellent weather resistance in the field and can last up to 10 years.

                            ● High insulation performance, dielectric constant 3-3.2, breakdown voltage 20-50KV/MM

                            ● Good chemical resistance, oil and water resistance [scrubable].

                            ● High strength; soft and tough, can be cut and processed.

                            Silicone cloth main application range

                            ●Electrical insulation: Silicone cloth has a high electrical insulation grade, can withstand high voltage load, and can be made into insulation cloth, casing and other products.

                            ● Non-metallic compensator: Silicone cloth can be used as a flexible connecting device for pipes. It can solve the damage caused by thermal expansion and contraction. The silica cloth has high temperature resistance, anti-corrosion, anti-aging performance, good elasticity and flexibility. Can be widely used in petroleum, chemical, cement, energy and other fields.

                            ● Anti-corrosion: Silicone-coated glass fiber cloth can be used as a pipe, saving internal and external anti-corrosion layer, excellent anti-corrosion performance and high strength. It is an ideal anti-corrosion material.

                            ●Other fields: Silicone rubber coated glass fiber membrane structural materials can be applied to building sealing materials, high temperature anticorrosive conveyor belts, packaging materials and other fields.

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